Screen saver program that displays the current time in the way of analog clock or digital watches.


Clock Screen Saver Free and Pro versions difference

Clock Screen Saver is available in two versions: Free and Pro. When you download, install and run Clock Screen Saver the program will work in Free version mode. Also, all features of the Pro version will be available in Free version during 15 day period after installation. When 15 day period is expired, only Analog clock face without any additional features will be available.

Pro version of Clock Screen Saver is fully functional and includes all features described on this site. Free version becomes Pro version when you enter registration key. So you have no need to download the program twice. See Download and Buy pages for details.

Clock Screen Saver Pro features list:

  • Analog, seven-segment digital, text digital clock faces
  • Glow and afterglow effects
  • Display seconds option
  • 12-hour/24-hour format
  • Display AM/PM option
  • Display date option
  • Screen saver size configuration
  • Periodically change clock position option
  • Hours, minutes, seconds and other clock elements color change option
  • Sounds playing ability

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    1.0M K